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Ink Jet Printers

We sell a wide range of industrial ink jet printers.

Below are two popular models. Call for pricing and for other models.



The Genesis Econo-Jet is a complete small character ink jet printing system in an affordable, compact package.  

Models are available to print in either one or two lines of text.  A four line LCD panel displays message entry or editing in either English or Spanish and give the user a clear visual reference of the programming sequence and finished message.

The Econo-Jet can utilize any of the over 20 different ink formulations available in the Genesis ink line.  This gives you the flexibility to print on a wide variety of substrates including plastics, metals, glass, chipboard and more.  Pigmented inks in white, light blue and orange make it easy to print onto both light and dark colored materials.

ASP Small Character Ink Jet Printer

The ASP Small Character Ink Jet Printer has been designed to fit a broad range of applications.  Whether your application calls for the ASP to be mounted onto your production line, or if it falls into the lower volume small run quantities that are more easily handled off-line, the ASP will provide you with the print quality, versatility and performance you require.

A Complete System
The ASP is shipped complete and ready to install onto your production line.  All that is required is to drill two mounting holes into your conveyor and bolt the bracketry on.  For the off-line, manual style applications, you will need our optional Slide Table which is pictured above.  

Precise Print Registration
A highly sensitive product detector is standard.  It reads the leading edge of the product as it travels down the production line and ensures that the printed code is exactly where you want it on the product.  Our optional Slide Table is equipped with an encoder that precisely tracks the speed of the of the table so that your code is always perfect.

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