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  • We can supply ANY ribbon for ANY printer!
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What kind of ribbon do you need?
The information below can help you decide. Still not sure? Give us a call!

WAX - the most economical choice to print on both papers and low-end synthetics for a wide range of applications. It prints at high speeds and delivers crisp, dark, durable images and rotated bar codes on a variety of substrates. "High Speed" wax ribbon can be used with high speed printers.
Recommended for:
shipping labels, ingredient labels, pharmaceutical labels, retail tag labels, tote labels, general ticketing, price tags.
WAX/RESIN - prints on paper and low-end synthetic tags and labels, provides dark, durable, smudge-resistant images and rotated bar codes.
Recommended for:
blood bags, pharmaceutical labels, retail tag labels, shipping labels, direct package printing (poly-bags), tote labels, horticulture tags.



RESIN - for harsh environment labeling applications that require special performance characteristics such as extra resistance to environmental conditions, smudging or scratching. Ultimate resin ribbon provides unparalleled resistance to harsh chemical solvents.
Recommended for:
compliance applications such as automotive, military, and UL. Health and beauty products such as cosmetics, soaps, and shampoos also benefit from this kind of ribbon.

Thermal Transfer Printheads

We supply replacement printheads for
ANY thermal transfer printer!

  • Name brand equipment printheads direct from the TOP manufacturers.
  • Also GENERIC printheads, which can save you money!
  • Just CALL and let us know the brand and model printer you have.
    We'll quote you our discount price for a brand name printhead as well
    as the generic replacement if available.
  • We'll SHIP your head to you the same, or next day. If you prefer, we can arrange for on-site installation. 

AccuLabel is YOUR COMPLETE source for all your thermal transfer needs!

What is a Cleaning Pen?

This unique pen holds 99% pure isopropyl alcohol in the reservoir barrel. It is ideal for a quick and safe cleaning of easily accessed print heads. The proprietary felt tip does not harm sensitive print heads and will leave no residue. Its design provides controlled use when cleaning the print head.

Thermal printer cleaning pens $35.95 per box of 12 pens

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